Using Video to Test a Product and Potentially Capture a World of Feedback by Andrew Angus

If you are in need of some guidance on the topic of explainer videos, we have got you covered. Recently, Business 2 Community posted an article written by Andrew Angus on the benefits of using video. Points covered include: connecting with your viewers, using metaphor, and not giving it all away! You can check out an excerpt from the article below :

Testing your product prior to selling it allows you to see if – and where – it will fit in the marketplace. You may have a great product, but if there isn’t a need for it, you don’t have a business. You could potentially spend a lot of time and money building something that works for yourself or a small few but not for a profitable share of the market. Testing your product with a video that explains how it works and why it’s useful can be much more effective in figuring out whether or not you have a quality product and a potential business.
Dual-coding theory suggests that people retain 58 percent more of what they see and hear than they do when they read the same information. Text may do a fine job of explaining a product, but a video gives your audience a chance to do everything but test the product themselves. It allows you to explain the product’s purpose “in person,” so to speak, giving the viewer the opportunity to put a face with a name and the product, instantly building a sense of trust.
The first step to getting credible feedback about your product is to be able to thoroughly explain it to your targeted audience. The best way to do that is through video, but it’s not enough to just put yourself on camera and talk your product silly. There are methods to creating a quality video that people will not only stop to watch but also will actually leave feedback for as well.

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