The Brain Science Of Videos : How Explainer Videos Increase Conversions and Why You Need One

There is a term we use here at Switch Video more often than not, called “Brain Science”. What is Brain Science you ask? Well, this week’s post includes information on Brain Science, how to reduce the number of unsatisfied customers, and how to reach more people. Originally posted on TechCocktail, this great read was penned by our own CEO Andrew Angus. Check it out :


Today, it is more evident that video increases conversions. Just ask the team at Rypple, who increased conversions by 20 percent by adding an explainer video to their homepage. Or track down someone from Dropbox and ask about their explainer video, which increased conversions by over 10 percent. Not convinced? Maybe Inbenta’s 20 percent increase in conversions will change your mind. The real question is not if, but why explainer videos increase conversions.

Simplify Your Message. Startups move a mile a minute. There are emails to be answered, products to be launched, marketing strategies to be implemented, partnerships to be made, interviews to be given – the list is literally endless. The result is a complicated mess.

An explainer video takes that mess and simplifies it into a succinct message, making it easy for the audience to understand what exactly it is that you do. Since most explainer videos are about a minute long, your message is reduced to 140-160 words, which doesn’t leave room for anything that’s not extremely important to the visitor.


Not only are television ads more expensive than creating an online video, but they generally reach a smaller audience as well. That is why the most innovative brands are distributing ads via online video channels. For example, VW and Perrier. But why does video reach such a large audience? Thank the psychology of sharing. If your explainer video creates entertainment, inspiration, or wonder, it’ll be shared via social media. People online are hardwired to share great content.


The average audience remembers 68 percent more from watching a video than from reading plain text. This ties back to the fact that approximately 65 percent of the population learns visually. So when auditory and visual senses are stimulated at the same time, people are more engaged. They’re more likely to retain your brand and product information, which means you’ll be in the back of their minds for months.

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