ProductionHUB Guest Post : The Science & Art Behind Successful Online Videos

Recently, ProductionHUB posted a guest post penned by our very own CEO Andrew Angus. Angus discusses both the science and the art that are the foundations for explainer videos. Check out a segment from the article below :


In an age of dwindling attention spans, online marketing is trickier than ever. Here’s the truth: People may find your company online, but most of them will leave your website in about eight seconds. (And, if they actually read what you’ve written, they’ll only remember 10 percent of it.)

There’s a better way to use your marketing budget. Putting your company’s message into a video means that you can share more information in less time, and your audience will remember more of it — 58 percent more, in fact.

Essentially, you have two choices: Very few people can remember 10 percent of what they read on your website, or many more will remember 68 percent of what they saw in your video. The choice is simple. But why does it work?

The Science Behind Memory

Information you receive verbally is coded one way, and information you receive visually is coded differently. When you read or listen, you’re stimulating the auditory sense; when you watch, you’re stimulating the visual sense.

Using audio and visual stimulation together is the best way to reach the most people. Why? Because when a person receives information verbally and visually, he’ll have a retention rate of 68 percent.

That’s why, to put it simply, video is the optimal form of communicating information: because it stimulates the auditory and visual senses simultaneously. After a person watches your video, you’ve got two paths in the brain leading to the memory, rather than just one. A video functions like a worm, burrowing itself deeply into multiple recesses of the brain.

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