Wistia Guest Post : Video Tracking Tools Help Raise Funds For Education And Health Care

For those of you who are familiar with Switch Video and our Blog, you will know that health and wellness are two things are very important to us. It was our passion towards these topics that led to our videos for Georgian College as well as the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital. Check out the guest post below that Andrew Angus wrote for video hosting site Wisita, all about how video tracking tools help raise funds for education and health care.


When we first told the fundraising team (also known as the Campaign Cabinet) at Ontario’s Georgian College that we would donate all of the video production costs for their capital campaign, they were pretty excited. When we told them we’d include Wistia‘s sharing, tracking and analytics tools, they were over the moon.

Fundraising is not an easy task, and one of the hardest parts is trying to explain the following:

  • Why it’s important to donate
  • Where the money is going and how it makes a difference
  • Why it’s important to give now and not later

Potential donors, like so many of us these days, are busy and overwhelmed. They don’t have time to research and consider every request that comes along. It’s up to the organization to provide compelling reasons for individuals to donate their money, and to choose one campaign instead of another.

A short, compelling and engaging video can do this in many ways:

  • Posted on the website
  • Linked to in email marketing campaigns
  • Broadcast at events
  • Used by individual cabinet members when meeting with individual prospective donors

Tracking results and measuring efforts

From the standpoint of an organization’s Development Officer, there are few tools that provide tangible statistics for benchmarking purposes. They have email open rates, website hits and donation records, but they’re often still in the dark about exactly which parts of their campaign were most successful and which ones were wasted time, effort and money.

Wistia’s video sharing, tracking and analytics tools provide invaluable information for fundraisers. By personalizing the video link for individual donors, development officers can see exactly who is watching their video, and for how long. Then they can plan a targeted follow-up campaign that makes the most of their resources.

With the power of videos, paired with Wistia‘s tracking tools, universities, colleges, hospitals and other organizations can focus their efforts to design, implement and evaluate more successful campaigns. And with improved education and health care as a result, we ALL benefit.

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