What Is Dual Coding Theory and Why Should Your Business Care?

Dual coding theory is something that we’re very familiar with here at Switch Video. It’s essentially the idea that we learn better and remember more when presented with information in both audio and visual form.

Wikipedia describes it in this way:

…Say a person has stored the stimulus concept, “dog” as both the word ‘dog’ and as the image of a dog. When asked to recall the stimulus, the person can retrieve either the word or the image individually or both, simultaneously. If the word is recalled, the image of the dog is not lost and can still be retrieved at a later point in time. The ability to code a stimulus two different ways increases the chance of remembering that item compared to if the stimulus was only coded one way.

Thus, presenting information in both audio and visual forms increases the likelihood that someone can remember what is presented because they have more than one way to recall the information—through words and through images. And studies have shown that we retain 58% percent more information when both senses are stimulated.

Why should your business care?

At this point, you may be wondering, “Why should I care? How will this affect my business?”

Quite simply you should care because every company is attempting to communicate their message in the most effective way. Whether it’s a concept related to your brand or explaining the product itself, you want customers and potential customers to understand what it is that you’re doing. If they do, then there’s a better chance they’ll use your product or invest in your company.

So dual coding theory ends up being your friend. It helps you get your information across in the most effective way so more people end up knowing what it is that you do. By presenting information with both words and images, you increase the amount of information that’s retained and the likelihood that potential customers will understand your message and become paying customers.

The beauty of explainer videos

The beauty of explainer videos is that they allow you to do just this. They help you to present your company information in a way that stimulates both senses. You use the script to convey your message in words, and you use visuals to communicate your message with images.

Text alone just doesn’t cut it anymore. Can you afford for people to remember 58% less of your message? Well, that’s what happens when you use text alone. Sure, people will retain something, but they won’t remember as much compared to if you’d used both words and images.

Explainer videos take advantage of the dual coding theory and are a secret weapon when it comes to explaining your business online and getting more sales. Customers are bombarded with hundreds of messages every day. If you want your company to stand out, get recommended, and make more sales, explainer videos are the way to go. They help you to put your information out in a way that stands out from the crowd and gets remembered more effectively.

With people only spending around a minute or so on your site, you need the most effective way to tell your company’s story in 60 seconds or less. Explainer videos are that way. They help you to ensure those 60 seconds become memorable by using both audio and visuals to create one awesomely effective learning experience. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the dual-coding theory by getting started on your very own explainer video today!


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