Whiteboard Video Production: Lights, Camera, Action!

Explainer videos and animated videos can easily be created with the whiteboard production process. The key to shooting these videos is to make them look as professional as you possibly can. After all, these videos are representing your business or company, and it is your current and potential customers that you want watching these videos. Your ultimate goal is to increase your conversion rates, so here are some tips to help you get through the whiteboard video production process like a pro.

It Starts with the Story

Before you set up your whiteboard and start shooting, you have to take a step back and really start planning how the video and the animation is going to unfold. In other words, it all starts with a great story. In the situation where you are creating an explainer video, you are telling the story of how your company began, what need it fills in your industry, and how it benefits its customers with its products or services.

Creating the story, finding an angle for the story, and writing the script are among the most important aspects of the whiteboard video production process. When you are trying to create the story, really try to get your creative juices flowing. Think outside the box for an angle to tell the story that truly sets you apart from your competition. An intriguing story is the bait that allows you to hook the audience and keep them watching until the end.

In addition to the actual story, you also want to find a creative way to tell the story. It could be that you create an imaginary character that walks through the scenario as it is drawn out on the whiteboard. The character presents its problem and then illustrates how your company is able to solve their problem. Voila! You have a great story and great way of telling it.

Think Visuals

Using the story you have created as your guideline, you then need to map out the animation, or the visual portion of the whiteboard video production process. Something to keep in mind when planning the visual concept of your story is that you have to be able to illustrate concepts that are not necessarily visual in nature.

As you read along in the story you have created, plan what the visual concepts appearing on the whiteboard will be. Try to keep time or length of the video in mind when you are mapping everything out. Shorter explainer videos that get straight to the point and do so in a creative way are better than longer videos. However, by nature, explainer videos can be longer than typical advertising methods, such as commercials. This is because audience members tend to watch these videos longer than other types of videos.

Think Whiteboard Video Production

Once the planning stages are finished, you have to move on to the actual production of the video. If you are working with a video production company, then they will handle the majority of this portion of the process for you. They will, however, still consult with you on various aspects of shooting the video. This is especially true when it comes to obtaining the script and visual concepts you have mapped out.

If you are shooting the video yourself, then you need to pay special attention to lighting your whiteboard, obtaining high quality audio from the speaker and shooting a high quality video that represents your company the way you want it to represent you. Once the video footage is available, editing is the final stage of the whiteboard video production process, prior to the video launching to the public.

Again, if you are working with a video production company, they will handle the editing for you. If you are editing your own video, then you spend quite a bit of time getting the audio matched with the video and cutting the video in parts so that it flows logically and professionally.

Whiteboard video production is one of the ways you can produce explainer videos. Whether you choose to work with a professional company or shoot the videos yourself, a lot of planning goes into the proper production of these videos. When you plan accordingly, it will show in the quality of your video.


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