7 Things to Look for in an Explainer Video Company

Ready, set, go, should not be your mantra when you are searching for an explainer video company to help you produce your explainer video. In this situation, you are making an investment in your company or your business. As is the case whenever you make an investment, you should do your homework. If you are a novice in hiring an explainer video company, then you need to know what to look for before hiring a company. Here are seven things to look for in your explainer video company.


The first thing you want to find out about is the experience the video company has in producing explainer videos. While a standard video company has experience that can be applied to creating an explainer video, you want your hard-earned money to go to a company that can knock it out of the park when they create your explainer video. Ask how long the company has been working with explainer videos specifically.


Find out how long the video company has been in business. Seeing that the company has been in business for at least a couple of years demonstrates that it is not a fly-by-night organization. This is not to say that a business that is one year old or younger cannot produce a highly effective and professional video. It is just to say that some peace of mind comes with knowing that the company has been around for some time.

Industry Knowledge

You should also find out what other businesses the video company has worked with in your industry. Industry knowledge is helpful in guiding you through the explainer video production process. While industry knowledge is not as imperative as some of the other things to look for, industry knowledge does cut down the learning curve for the company producing your video. Since you still remain involved in the process, however, you still have the ability to act as the industry expert.


Find an explainer video company with a staff member specializing in each part of the production process. Since there are different aspects to putting the video together, you want to work with a company that offers a professional that specializes in each portion. It starts with a scriptwriter, voiceover professional and a video shooter. It ends with a video editor.


Ask for references from other clients the company has produced explainer videos for. Ask for the contact name, phone number, email address and website information for each reference. If possible, obtain one or more references that are in the same industry as your business. Obtain a minimum of three references. Most importantly, check the references to see what it was like for them to work with the video company.


Only work with an explainer video company that can produce samples of their work. Ideally, the samples are live on the Internet. At a minimum, they should be able to send you sample videos to view. Watching sample videos reveals the quality of the work that the company produces. Even if this is your first explainer video, you know if the video is working if it grabs your attention and holds on to it until the end.


Finally, ask for any statistics the company has from customers they have produced explainer videos for. Find out about the play rates of the videos. Additionally, find out about any conversion rates the companies have reported back to the video production company. When you check the references, you can also check the statistics the explainer video company has provided.

Searching for a video company to produce your explainer video is an investment of your time and your money, but it should be a shorter time investment and a wiser monetary investment now that you know what you are looking for in a video company.

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