3 Ways the Video Scribe Method Helps to Promote Your Business

While the Beatles sing the mantra that all you need is love, marketing gurus have a different mantra. The marketing mantra says that all you need are promotional videos with an educational slant to help you promote your business and boost your sales. Video marketing has been exploding on the Internet for quite some time now. More importantly, the stats are in, and they say that this form of marketing is increasing sales by 20 percent, educating prospects and clients, and providing information that watchers need to make an educated decision about buying your products or services.

Producing these types of videos allows you to share them on your website, blog, or on other websites. Video production also sounds as if it could be a challenge for your business. When you use the video scribe method to create online videos, however, you can quickly, easily and effectively market your business without blowing your marketing budget.

What Is the Video Scribe Method?

Let’s start at the beginning—with a quick overview of what the video scribe method is. All you need is a whiteboard, some whiteboard markers, a video camera and a human being. Similar to classroom sessions or corporate meeting sessions, the human uses the whiteboard and the whiteboard markers to explain to video watchers what the business does and how it benefits the potential buyer.

Video Scribe Method Provides Useful and Relevant Entertainment

One of the biggest ways the video scribe method benefits your business is that it entertains the audience as soon as they click the play button. The video helps to grab the attention of the watcher right away and keeps them hanging on for the information because you are entertaining them while educating them. The key element in making these videos is to be entertaining but balance this by sharing useful and relevant information with the watcher.

Video Scribe Method Reinforces Your Marketing Message

As an expert in marketing, you know that your marketing collateral has a universal marketing message. You use these pieces of collateral to spread the word. The video scribe method is one additional (and highly effective) tool in your marketing bag of tricks that allows you to reiterate and reinforce your marketing message. Even though your website copy contains your marketing message, having a video alongside your copy, or even in lieu of the copy, allows visitors to your site to pick up the information quickly and easily.

Video Scribe Method Elevates Your Expert Status Level

Since the video scribe method allows you to educate visitors to your site, or the site where the videos are posted, it turns your level of expertise up a notch. Everyone wants to work with the best in the business. When you use videos to market and educate, you’re sharing information with your visitors that illustrates that you are the expert that they are and the expert that they want to work with or buy from.

The Beatles were able to sell records like crazy with their song messages. One of the fastest and simplest ways to spread your marketing message is with promotional videos that contain an educational slant. One of the easiest and most effective ways to create these videos is with the video scribe method. Using a whiteboard and some markers, a human being can storyboard exactly what your business provides and how this benefits the prospects and clients that are watching the video. These types of videos can help boost sales by as much as 20 percent, and in some cases more.

The video scribe method allows your company story to unfold in front of the people who are watching the video. It can be a cost effective way to produce video marketing pieces that work, but that don’t break the marketing budget at the same time.

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