“At Comet, we provide world-class manufacturing of vacuum capacitors and other related RF power products. We have established a reputation for providing our customers with quality products and processes.

Since 2005, we’ve applied our industry expertise and processes to include another integral part of the complete RF delivery system: The Impedance Matching Network, or Matchbox.

With our industry leading R&D center in Silicon Valley and localized engineering and technical support on 3 continents, we’ve made notable advances in RF sensors, phase mag detectors, voltage and current probes, as well as advanced closed loop control systems. Comet leads the world in match designs for semiconductor and related industries. Such forward thinking in our ‘matches’ provide industry-leading performance, quality and reliability globally.

We know how our vacuum capacitors ‘tick’. We know how well they perform in a circuit. We know how vacuum capacitors integrate with evolving technologies. This knowledge is crucial when designing Matchboxes for semiconductor, solar, flat-panel and LED applications.

We welcome your projects, whether build to spec or build to print. It’s your choice.
Trust Comet to deliver high performing Matchboxes built custom to your specific application.
Comet: Technology with Passion.
Let us custom design your application’s Impedance Matching Network today.”


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