800K Deal in 7 Days : A Switch Video Success Story

We are always happy to hear about our clients successes and while we want to refrain from “tooting our own horns,” we are quite happy to share these stories with you all. It’s no secret that we believe that the success of our clients has a lot to do with our explainer video formula.

The actual construction of the video from start to completion is carefully and strategically put together for the best results. In the case of our client JellyFish, they could hardly believe the effectiveness of what seemed to be such a “simple” video. In just a matter of days they were able to land an $800,000 contract from the very short explainer video that we put together for them.

How the Explainer Video Worked for Jellyfish

JellyFish was amazed at the fast results that such a simple video provided. Their $800,000 client had never before met them or heard of the company, and was contacted through a cold calling approach. But after watching the explainer video and processing how effective and easy their services were, it pretty much sold them on the idea.

From the untrained eye, explainer videos seem to be mini-commercials trying to sell a product to the viewer, and while that’s exactly what they’re supposed to do, the success is in the execution. We took JellyFish’s concept, their services and gathered information about what they wanted to get out of the explainer video and started crafting a specialized video unique to them.

Not a format video that we just add details and graphics to. From the information we gathered, we were able to create a video that not only enticed viewers to keep watching, but one that also got results!

JellyFish wanted their concept to be understood. They wanted the viewers to understand how simple using their services could be and how easy applying their services would be. They wanted to emphasize the benefits of using their service over the competitors without sounding cliche and salesy; so, we constructed a script that addressed all of their wants and needs, while implementing some very basic marketing tactics to tie it all together. Just touching a few key points and making sure the video is engaging and informative is what we believe contributed to their success.

We are extremely pleased for Jellyfish and look forward to making many more businesses a success using our explainer videos.

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