5 Ways Explainer Video Production Increases Awareness and Sales

Explainer videos is one marketing move that helps you to stand out from the crowd of competitors. Explainer video production can happen in three different ways—do-it-yourself (DIY), outsource it to individual professionals that can help you produce the final piece, or hire a professional production company to manage the entire process on your behalf. If you are still sitting on the fence as to whether or not it is worth producing these types of videos, consider these five benefits that explainer videos can bring to your business.

Engages the Visitor

When a visitor lands on a webpage full of copy, they tend to groan. While some will skim the page and some will read it all the way through to the end, others will leave the page because you have failed in your attempt to grab the attention of the visitor and engage them. Videos, on the other hand, tend to be attention grabbers that engage visitors from the start. If you succeed in having the video intrigue the visitor right away, then they are likely to remain on your page to watch the video. Some even move on to your other pages because they can glean the information about your business that they need and want without having to read pages and pages of copy.

Easy to Understand

Prospects and customers tend to come from different backgrounds and learn in different ways. One of the biggest advantages to using explainer videos is that the animated videos make it fast and simple for anyone to understand and learn what business you are in and the products and services your business offers. The visual portion of the video combined with the audio helps to fill the needs of visual and audio learners.  Eliminating the need to read copy eliminates the chance that the reader misreads and thus misinterprets information. Videos tend to create less clutter and less confusion than straight copy and stagnant photos.

Increase Website Conversions

TechCrunch credits a 15% to 75% increase in conversion rates for those websites that use explainer videos. Explainer video production that is of high quality engages your visitors and urges them to remain on your website for a longer period of time. Additionally, the explainer video helps break through their confusion and answers many of the questions they have about your business. Once they finish watching the video, visitors are ready to take the next step. This is why it is important that your explainer videos offer up what the next step is, such as buying from you, registering for your e-newsletter, or picking up the phone to give you a call.

It’s an Elevator Pitch on Steroids

Think of the explainer video as your elevator pitch. The difference is that explainer videos can be longer than your elevator pitch, so you can include more information and benefits than you can fit into an elevator pitch. Additionally, you don’t even have to be present to pitch. Explainer videos are online working for you and your business twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Use video time wisely. Be concise in the information you are sharing, but make the video long enough that it contains enough information to motivate watchers to become your customers.

Videos are Shareable

Not only can visitors to your site quickly and easily learn about your business, but visitors can also share these videos with others they know. Some explainer videos even go viral on websites such as YouTube. Even if this isn’t the case, however, when a visitor shares your explainer video with someone they know can benefit from what your business has to offer, it increases your chances for making another sale.

Investing in professional video production can more than pay for itself. A highly effective explainer video brings so many benefits to your business that it is more than worth the cost and time it takes to create these videos.

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