An Interview with our Newest Advisory Board Member

We are so happy to announce that Rafael Sulit, is our newest Advisory Board member! Rafael is currently the lead of US brand marketing for National Grid and is responsible for bringing to life the company’s brand promise, overseeing creative message development, media sponsorship strategy, internal branding, identity management and key digital channels such as web, social media and mobile marketing.

Prior to his position at National Grid, Rafael has worked for major companies such as MasterCard, BBDO and Landor Associates and has also been an adviser to clients like Frito-Lay, Gillette, Forbes, BMW, and Coca-Cola.

In honor of Rafael joining the team, we decided to ask him a few questions about his favourite explainer videos, and what he plans to bring to the table. Check out the interview below!


How did you first learn about Switch?  What did you first think when you saw Switch’s videos?

I heard about Switch from my friend, former roomy and now fellow advisory board member, Larry Chu.  I’ve trusted Larry over the years when it’s come to advice on various business topics, namely, the startup and entrepreneurial scene.   So when Larry suggested I meet with Andrew, I knew it would be a valuable conversation.

When I first viewed Switch’s videos, I immediately reacted by saying “The business world needs this service!”  Customers and business decision-makers don’t have time to read through exhaustive collateral materials in today’s fast-paced world.  My analogy is this—Is it easier to learn how to hook up your laptop to your flat screen TV by reading through a booklet of instructions, speaking to a customer service rep, or a learning from a YouTube video?  I’ll pick a video any day of the week.

Why did you want to be on the advisory board? What drew you to want to help?

I’ve always had an interest in the entrepreneurial space in creative and technology industries.  This has been shaped by my years on the creative agency side (large, medium-sized, and boutique) and brand marketing roles at MasterCard and National Grid—two Fortune 500 companies that embrace entrepreneurialism.

I have the desire to help Switch by applying my 15+ years in brand marketing across multiple categories.  Further, this role allows me to stay connected with the startup scene, which I’m very passionate about.

What do you bring to the table? How do you plan to help Switch?

I want to contribute by providing advice on brand marketing and introducing Switch to New York, and other northeast US-based companies who are trying to effectively tell their story.  To put it simply, I hope to advise on topics, ideas or approaches that Andrew and team may not have thought of before.

What are 3 of your favorite videos?

I feel Rypple tells their story in a way that resonates with anyone in the business world.  The video amplifies the business need and how Rypple can help in a creative and user-friendly way.

EDOC does a great job in communicating its promise of helping companies to be more consistent in their message delivery.

Finally, I like Switch’s demo video for the way it illustrates what they do, which is to help companies better “explain what they [you] do.”

In 3 years where would you like to see Switch?

In three years, I think it would be great to see continued growth by Switch as evidenced by having presence in entrepreneurial US hubs such as Austin, New York and/or Chicago.   I would love to see more recognition by the industry trade media and business leaders.  Finally, I would love to see Switch become so successful, that Switch becomes a “verb” in business vernacular (e.g., We need to explain our new product release.  I think we need to “Switch” It.).

Thanks Rafael!

Thank you!

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