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Everyone wants to reach potential clients on the Internet and explainer videos are a great way to do that. Our videos capture potential customers’ attention, and educate them about certain products or services. For an explainer video to be effective, it has to be done right and it has to be done well. Switch, for example, is a leading organization in the explainer video industry. We:

1) Have been there before We have worked on 417 videos in 15 different languages for clients in 15 countries. We have worked with major corporations, from IBM to American Express. We are known for our customer service, efficiency, and creativity. We walk you through each step of our process so that you walk away with confident that the final product is awesome.

2) Have a Process Built on the Science of Memory Conversion is based on the viewers’ memory, which has a limited capacity. People retain 58% more information when both video and auditory senses are stimulated. We use metaphors to draw from your viewers’ previous experience to ensure that they retain the information shown to them in the video.

3) Have a Process that Works A recent study showed that out of all Internet users, 78% more likely to watch our videos than the average online video. Viewers were 34% more likely to watch half of the video and 25% more likely to watch it all. This means more conversions and a larger revenue for your business.

The 5 Step Process

Our 5 Step Process ensures production runs smoothly and efficiently, from concept to creation. Check out a step-by-step breakdown:

  • Discovery: We chat with you to go over the A to Z of what you want your video to look and sound like
  • Script Writing: A professional writer creates a script that will get to the core message of your product or service
  • Storyboarding: Visuals are created based on the script and the style of your choosing
  • Animation & Review: We produce the video and present it for your approval.
  • Delivery: We add the final touches in post-production and compile in multiple formats

Check out an example of one of our videos. Below is a whiteboard style video we did for AMEX:

What Our Clients Say

There is no stronger testament to our product than what our customers have to say.  Check out our Testimonial Slideshare presentation:


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