Why Your Facebook Video Isn’t Working for You

There’s little doubt that adding video to the mix on your business’ Facebook page greatly boosts your visibility and drives conversions. Marketing Profs recently reported that 46% of Internet video watchers are more likely to click through after watching a video. Given that video is here to stay, a savvy marketer needs to be able to hone in on the qualities that give a video “sharing power”. Check out our Do’s and Don’ts on what what works, and what doesn’t.


Commission a professional explainer video

Explainer videos are best handled by a professional production house with the tools and experience to make it shine! A quality video will have clean lines, fully drawn characters or graphics, and will be narrated by a professional voiceover artist. These quality catch your audience’s eye, however it is also the quality of content in the video. Professional script writers will have this covered, giving your video a recipe for success!

Make it engaging

Create a video that people enjoy, and they will share it across their social networks. Think about the Will It Blend? series or the Old Spice videos. Pure entertainment, and enjoyable from beginning to end. These videos connected with viewers, and provided them with something beyond knowledge – emotion. Emotion is the key to engaging viewers, so keep that in mind when you are making your video.


Limit your videos reach

If your video is getting shares and likes on Facebook, expand its reach through email marketing and Twitter. Make follow up videos. The promise of a series keeps your company on their mind while they wait for the next installment. Do whatever you can to promote your video in order to make it as easy as possible for people to discover your content. If all they have to do is click on something that is already in front of them, your video has a much higher chance of being viewed.

Overuse the highlight button

The Highlight button could become your best friend as long as you don’t use it on too many items and dilute their value. There is a star in the top right corner of your posts that will Highlight the video post, meaning that the video will expand to cover the entire Timeline. It will also remain as a summary picture for your monthly and yearly timelines. As visitors scroll through your page, the video will remain prominently displayed.

Try these suggestions and let us know the results! We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below this post.



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