Under 30 CEO : How a Video Launched Mailbox – and Helped Them Exit

In the following guest post Andrew Angus wrote for Under 30 CEO, he explains the best way to ensure your explainer video will work for you, and the challenges with online marketing. Check it out!


Each year, a variety of tactics appear that promise instant success if included in your inbound marketing strategy. First, there was tagging, and then keyword placement, which was followed by infographics and long content. For a few years, some of these strategies worked well, but they weren’t designed with a changing economy in mind — or the notion that Google would make serious changes to its algorithm. The latter pushed many companies to the end of the line. Many businesses lost a tremendous amount of money and, in some cases, had to close.

A new technique was needed — one that produced long-term results and wouldn’t be affected by the economy or Google’s updates. Dropbox and Mailbox stumbled upon this technique, and since their success, many companies have started imitating them. What is this technique that created such buzz in the business and marketing worlds? The answer is a simple one: explainer videos.

How Dropbox Became a Success with Just Two Elements

Many businesses have used explainer videos, but the vast majority of them didn’t yield the results they wanted. Their downfall was found in webpages they inadvertently overloaded. Customers would click on a landing page and be greeted with pop-ups, adverts for other companies, downloads, hyperlinks, and jarring graphics. It’s a common mistake that too many online businesses make. A good inbound marketing strategy is useless when overshadowed by five other marketing strategies.

Dropbox did it right. It created a simple, clean website to bring more focus to its product. In fact, the site only features an explainer video and a download button. The video explained the purpose of the product and gave the customer a chance to be sold on the idea of downloading it in the first place. Using this technique, Dropbox was able to pull in more than 100 million users. It was advertising at its best, and it was insanely simple. An explainer video, plus a user-friendly website, creates better customer retention.

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