9 Reasons To Have Multiple Explainer Videos on Your Website

1. Increased your conversion rates.

When both large corporations and small companies employ more than one explainer video on their website, conversion rates increase anywhere from 15 to 50 percent on a webpage.

More videos = increased conversion rates.

2. People love explainer videos (and hate reading).

Studies show 60 percent of consumers will watch a video before they read any text at all. Even when consumers read text, most are simply skimming to find what applies to them.

More videos = consumers more likely to be consuming your content.

3. Your business has more than one story to tell.

There’s the central story of what your business does.  So, of course, have that video story on your homepage. But most businesses have more stories to tell. Tell the story behind your white papers, blog, new products, additional services, case studies, e-books etc with an explainer videos pages related to those topics.

More videos = more of your stories get told.

4. Visitors don’t always arrive at your homepage.

According to the Nieman Journalism Lab, when most visitors arrive at a website, they do not land on the homepage. Search engine results, social media and email links take visitors to other pages, usually in search of specific information. Consider having explainer videos to meet visitors and provide them with the specific information they’ve been directed there for.

More videos =  people get the specific information they are searching for.

5. Videos increase your SERPs results.

When video is found in “search engine results pages” or SERPs, the result is a 41 percent higher click-through rate than plain-text links.  Not only that, but video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of a Google search.

More videos = increases your SERPs

6. Gain two more minutes with your audience.

Consumers who view video spend two minutes longer on a site than non-viewers. Let’s be clear, in website terms, two minutes more is huge!

More videos = your message spending more time with your audience.

7. Increase the number of purchases.

Yup, video viewers are two thirds more likely to make a purchase than non-viewers.

More videos = more purchases.

8. Improves your company’s SEO.

Since Google’s algorithm takes into account the amount of time visitors spend on your site and video has folks stay longer, video also improves your overall search engine optimization.

More videos = better search engine optimization.

9. Video provides powerful data.

These days it’s as easy to track the metrics for one video as it is for multiple videos. Just choose a decent video player like VidYard and it’s ready and waiting for you.  You can learn:

  • Play rate – the number of visitors that click play.

  • Playthrough rate – how many watch the entire video.

  • Player load times – make sure the player is loading properly.

  • Conversion rate – number of sales compared to views.

  • SEO – determine which keywords brought them to the landing page.

  • Social reach – determine where your videos are being shared in social media.

More videos = more relevant data.

Whether you are making more than one video or toying with the idea of just one video, Switch Video is happy to help you weigh the options, inform the decision and provide a quote.

More videos = good for your business.

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