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Video is quickly becoming the most sought-after marketing channel. Using animated video in an email campaign is an effective way to increase conversions and engage consumers. According to content marketing company Uberflip, 75 million people watch videos online in the U.S. every month. Already, about 87 percent of marketers use video for content marketing campaigns.

Combining video and email
Because video is so engaging, using it in email marketing campaigns makes good sense. Email is still one of the most important marketing resources. A survey from Exact Target determined that 77 percent of consumers prefer that permission-based brand communications come through email. For nearly every industry, email remains the top method of reaching consumers. When combined with the engagement of video, email becomes a powerful way to make conversions. According to an infographic from Email Monks, an email campaign platform, using video in email marketing offers a 280 percent greater return than traditional email. Click-through rates improve dramatically when video is included.

How are marketers using video in email campaigns?
The majority of marketing professionals still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon when it comes to using video in messages. This means that doing so will put most companies ahead of the curve and make them stand out. According to the infographic, only 25 percent of marketers have used video in email marketing campaigns, and only 25 percent report being “very likely” to do so in the future. Whether companies want to embed videos or use an externally linked image, adding video is an easy way to increase conversions and encourage consumer engagement.

Try animated video (and make it personal!)
Using animated explainer videos is one of the best ways to introduce a new product or even garner fresh interest in new products. Sending an email with an explainer video is a nice way to greet clients, employees and prospects who have just signed up for a loyalty program, health benefits or a demo, respectively. Consider making it personal with Switch Merge, a new Switch product that allows you to integrate any data into a template video – leaving a lasting impression on your target audience.  By delivering exciting, personalized media directly to inboxes, marketers have the potential to seriously increase the visibility and conversion rates of their companies.

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