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Video can effectively get old leads interested again
According to a study by Marketo and ClearFit cited by Vidyard, ClearFit used a video email message to contact customers that had previously made purchases as well as leads that didn’t end up buying. Using a quick email, ClearFit demonstrated the newest attributes of its platforms to get subscribers interested again. When the company targeted these consumers with an email, conversion rates increased significantly. Those who received the email converted 0.29 percent of the time, while those who actually watched the entire video converted more than 6 percent of the time – an increase of more than 2,000 percent!

There’s other reasons to engage with old prospects. According to data from HubSpot, email lists tend to diminish over time. People unsubscribe and change providers, among other things. A re-engagement campaign can help you reel in your less active subscribers, like those who receive your emails but don’t open or click on the links inside. That means this email should ideally target that group specifically. As the website points out, you don’t want to be wasting resources on contacts that are no longer active. These campaigns can allow you to weed out the email addresses that may no longer be in use.

Here’s how to launch a re-engagement campaign with video:

  1. Segment your list
    You have probably already segmented your contact list on a large scale, but if you truly want your message to be effective, you’re going to have to get detailed. Divide your contact list based on the length of time prospects have been subscribers to your emails. Smaller increments are better. For instance, breaking down groups by three-month increments will be more accurate than six-month or yearly subscription lengths.
  2. Create personalized messages 
    Create short animated videos to include in emails. Whether you to make a choose one-size-fits-all clip or a unique video for each segment, ensure you’re really thinking about your audience and what they’d like to see. This is possibly your last chance to make an impact on prospects who have gone cold. Get them to engage by making sure the video ends with a call to action.
  3. Track those results
    Send your emails systematically and note the results. Starting with the most recent group of subscribers and going from there, make a note of bounce rates, complaint rates, clicks and opens.

With a carefully crafted video message, it’s likely you’ll be able to re-engage prospects you previously thought to be lost causes. If not, you’ve successfully identified which email addresses you can delete from your database.

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