Top 4 video marketing mistakes

Animated explainer video can be a successful marketing tool when done correctly. However, when done incorrectly, it can be a waste of time and energy. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to turn a lackluster video marketing campaign around. Here are the top four mistakes to avoid when creating marketing videos.

1. Making videos too long

Internet users don’t have incredibly long attention spans. When businesses are enthusiastic about their products, they can try to cram a lot of information into a video, which can be cumbersome. According to Business 2 Community, companies can expect viewers to put in a good one to two minutes before bouncing off to another page. Luckily, with a well-planned video, two minutes is plenty of time to create a message that consumers will engage with. Make sure you eliminate the noise and cut it down to the bare necessities.

2. Creating videos that don’t engage the audience

The best explainer videos find a way to incorporate the audience into the message. Rather than talk about their products, companies should create a short scenario that describes how users will benefit from their services. For example, this video Switch created for LinkedIn uses a story about going fishing as a metaphor for searching for jobs and connections. After the video, we have an understanding of how the LinkedIn service can benefit its users. Viewers have a good idea of what the product does and why they should be interested, all before they find out specifics of how the website works.

3. Not branding videos successfully

According to content marketing company, Interact Media incorporating your brand is a vital part of the marketing video. An interesting video isn’t useful to your company unless viewers are able to connect it to your brand. Similarly, if you have multiple videos in conflicting styles, viewers may not necessarily make the connection that your company is behind all of them. When you plan to create more than one explainer video, design a branded series with consistent graphics.

4. Not tracking performance

As part of your marketing campaign, you need to find a way to use metrics to track the performance of your videos. If you plan to make video a consistent part of your promotions, you could consider investing in a platform that helps you monitor the performance of videos.

Avoid these four mistakes and your company could be on the road to success with your branded video campaign.

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  1. Hello,

    I have been new to Video Marketing, but trying out a lot to succeed. But after reading a lot of article online, I must say, I was creating long video with boring concept, which no body like to watch.

    I guess, this was my mistake and that’s why I was not getting success with Video Marketing, but Now I am working on it, trying to shorten my promotional Videos and also with a concept, which people will love to watch and share.

    Btw, a very well written Post!


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