10 Great Explainer Videos to Watch Right Now

There are so many great explainer videos out there. Here are just a few favorites chosen by our illustrators.

1. How to Become World Class at Anything – Nicole

In an environment dominated by graphic imagery, the unique analog format of this video stands out. The creators use a combination of live action and cardboard cutouts to describe Tim Ferriss’ process for mastering complex skills in a short amount of time. The video is engaging and funny, and you can tell the creators are having a fun time with it too. It’s fast-paced, never stagnant or boring.

2. Unroll.me – Nicole
This colorful video describes a service that rolls all of your newsletters into one to unclog your inbox. The use of color is especially nice in this one – never overpowering, but never “blah.” The balance is also good. The speaker is clear and comprehensible, but not overpowering. The music is happy and light, which makes the subject matter approachable.

3. Mesh – Nicole
This one is colorful and very simple, but quickly expresses the vision of the company. The fast-paced transitions make the video move rapidly and keeps your interest all the way to the end.

4. Let’s Talk Cost – Beth

This video has a unique look to it that avoids many of the familiar explainer video tropes. It uses a thinner line weight than most motion graphic styles and avoids the more classic shades of blue in favor of more muted ones. It also uses effective red highlights. The video delivers an engaging message, but doesn’t try to solve the problem. Instead, the company presents a compelling call to action.

5. British Gas: Hive – Neven

Only the first two sentences describe the product, because that’s all that’s really necessary. The rest hooks you in with a nonsense story told through song. The song is catchy and makes you feel worry-free, because the hive system is controlling your heating at home. The animated creatures are very appealing and silly to watch, and have a soft look, which furthers the relaxing feeling.

6. TOMS’ Story – Rebecca

The video starts out with a strong statement that makes you want to continue watching: “TOMS’ didn’t start with the idea for a shoe. It was the absence of one that started it all.” The script creates a solid foundation for the visuals. This a great example of an explainer video, because it quickly establishes the “why” question: why TOMS needed to exist. The video may be a little too long, but the strong opening makes up for it.

7. Don’t Fail Idaho – Drew

This video has very unique graphics that are pleasing to look at and includes many subtle details and creative transitions. The images have a slightly sketchy picture book feel that works well, especially because the video is related to education. The visuals truly engage viewers to learn more about Idaho’s schools, and what can be done to fix them.

8. DynAdmic – Jenn

Using the chalkboard model and small splashes of green, this video does a great job of getting the viewer’s attention and directing it, telling them where to focus and when. Green is a brand color, but it also stands out nicely against the black and white color scheme, drawing the viewer’s eyes to the technology being discussed.

9. Participant Media – Farrah

The voiceover and music draw the viewer in, making us care about the issues at hand. As the video goes on, the music builds in intensity, which makes it more emotionally engaging. The visuals are colorful, simple and easy to watch. Very effective, overall.

10. American Express SDK – Leon

Uplifting music and a unique visual style make this video stand out. The design employs neat rounded edges and thick lines that make it easy on the eyes. You don’t really want to look away from this video.

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