An educational video series is a great way to generate consumer engagement. One of the primary drives behind content marketing is providing free information that is helpful for customers, which encourages them to trust your brand over time. Another way to put it, according to Vidyard, is that people don’t generally just buy your products, they buy your brand philosophy. An educational video series is a great way to kill two birds with one stone – provide helpful content while demonstrating brand identity.

Find new leads with an educational video series

As Vidyard points out, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet. Many people go straight to the source when looking for a how-to video. This means educational videos placed on YouTube could be a great resource when it comes to generating leads. Hook new users on your informational content and they may turn to your company for a product when they really need it.

For example, if your central product is software that makes hiring processes easier, you could produce an educational video campaign that provides information about best hiring practices. You are distributing useful information that helps your target audience without necessarily reducing their need for your product. You can even target these videos to different industries.

Financial businesses can make educational videos explaining typical banking issues consumers may run into or even provide a short video addressing some basic FAQs of tax preparation. This is information everyone needs and an explainer video can provide the answers quickly and effectively.

Whatever your video content, make sure it has the potential to produce actionable results. You want users to remember your company’s name for the right reasons.

Realize it takes time and commitment

Producing high-quality video content takes time and the return on investment isn’t always immediately demonstrable. For many brands, this is a barrier to starting, according to Convince and Convert. While it may take a while to build a catalogue of educational videos, the results will definitely be beneficial in the long run. You can’t necessarily expect your videos to pay off right away or go viral. According to a study from TechTarget cited by Vidyard, almost 70 percent of buyers require more than five pieces of content before they’ll consider your company.

Convince and Convert suggests that companies set small, manageable goals when starting a video series.

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