Switch Founder and CEO Andrew Angus Interviewed on Bloomberg West

I was recently featured in an interview on Bloomberg West. As we recently announced, Switch Video has formed a partnership with Bloomberg West to produce explainer videos on an ongoing basis. Keep an eye out for explainer videos from Switch that help viewers understand more complicated business topics. Watch the first video about Patent Trolls here.

In the interview, I discuss the exponential growth of the explainer video industry and what sets Switch Video apart in this booming field. I mentioned how complex topics are understood more quickly when explained through animated videos. It is this ability which makes video remarkably beneficial for businesses, especially those that are just entering the market.

If you were to write an article about patent trolls, readers would only remember about 10 percent of that information. However, if you told the same story with visuals, people will retain 68 percent of it. Video, especially animated video, helps simplify topics down to what I call “the core message” and makes it easier for viewers to comprehend.

One of the things I discuss in the video is learning how to distill an organization’s core message which sometimes can be tricky and takes time to learn. With more than 600 different explainer videos under our belts, Switch is in the position to do this quickly and effectively. We are always learning more about the brain science that makes explainer videos work. With the help of this research and our talented team of experienced animators, Switch has developed the know-how to make videos that perform, increasing conversions and viewer engagement.

Watch the video to learn more!

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