More organizations are finding that explainer videos are the solution for their internal communications. Do you ever need to get the word out about something quickly, to a large group of employees? Maybe you recently acquired another company or a big change in your business’s policy is being unrolled. Or maybe you need to educate your workforce on a new platform that has just been integrated. Video can be the most effective way to present information to your employees, regardless of what it is you need to communicate.

As human resources blog HRZone points out, changes in the workforce are making communication an issue. More employees are taking the opportunity to work remotely, making it harder to communicate changes in an efficient way. When your workers aren’t situated under one roof, how do you go about informing them of important changes effectively? It’s a quandary that employers are learning to deal with. That’s why many HR departments are turning to video as a communicative tool.

A survey from Ignite Technologies and Ragan found that 71% of companies surveyed are already using video to communicate with employees. More than half have analytics in place to measure the effectiveness of these video campaigns. 72% of respondents are planning to use video even more next year and close to 90% say that video is either “important” or “somewhat important” to their company.

How do you get started with internal video?

According to HRZone, there are a few key questions to ask. To start, employers need to determine whether video is an appropriate channel for their staff. Also, what can video add to an already-robust internal communications strategy? You may also need to look at other examples of internal communications campaigns using video to get some ideas for how your specific company could use this communication channel. When you’re just getting started with using video for internal messaging, you’ll need to think everything through.

Then, it’s time to pick an approach. As online video matures, more styles are available for employers to experiment with. Having one of your executives speak directly into the camera may work for some companies, but depending on your purposes an animated video may work better. For one thing, animation allows for easy branding and consistency. If you’re planning to make more than one video, animation can keep consistency from one project to the next. On top of that, animated video can be extremely handy for condensing complicated concepts into a short time frame.

Do you want to communicate your company’s performance this quarter? If you have a lot of statistics to talk about, you can make these numerical relationships easier to understand using animated charts and graphs. In general, people will be able to understand information more quickly when  it is presented using video rather than just text.

While there can be a lot to consider with any internal communications strategy, chances are you can use an animated video to get your message across.

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