Companies can use explainer videos to make conversions. Since animated video engages consumers quickly, viewers are more likely to watch the content entirely and request more related information. Marketers are beginning to take notice of the power of video to communicate with potential leads.

According to MarketingProfs, the most recent annual “REEL SEO Video Marketing Survey” found 93 percent of marketers utilized video as part of an overall strategy in 2013 and 71 percent had increased spending on this channel since 2012.

Using video is an incredibly effective way to gain the attention of an audience very quickly. Most consumers don’t have a huge attention span, especially when it comes to surfing the Web. Companies don’t have a lot of time to get their names out there. Because video engages both visual and auditory senses, it doubles the avenues through which information reaches the brain. This leads to increased retention rates, which are important for enterprises with services to promote.

1. Use explainer video on landing pages

A landing page for a product or service is a great place to put an animated video. In a post for The Daily Egg blog, Andrew Angus, CEO and founder of Switch Video, demonstrated why more forward-thinking companies are utilizing video on product pages. According to Angus, consumers only read about 28 percent of the text on a website. In contrast, they are likely to devote an average of 2.7 minutes to an Internet video.

With such a small percentage of text being read, it’s unlikely that companies are truly communicating to customers why their products are important. On the other hand, a compelling video can express a full page of text in a compressed and memorable way that consumers will absorb easily.

2. Create videos for all aspects of the customer journey

Use explainer videos to target customers at different parts of the buyer’s journey. While landing pages are great for consumers in later stages of decision-making, consumers require different content at different phases of this process. For earlier stages, the content should be altered and even more geared toward helping consumers reach a final decision.

3. Use animated video in email marketing campaigns

Emails with “video” in the subject line have higher than average open and click rates, according to a study by Adestra. To include a video in an email, you can directly link to the video or include an image that looks like a video, but is externally linked. Another option is to use an animated GIF. GIFs are an increasingly popular and effective marketing tool in email. Including an animated GIF version of your video can add an unexpected element of delight and movement to your email, encouraging and increasing click throughs.

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