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With Switch Merge, organizations like Trinity School College can now send out personalized video messages and increase email open rates as a result. The Switch Merge platform is effective for anyone, but especially useful for institutions with an important message to share.

Sending emails often yields little result, considering how many emails people receive on a daily basis. However, a customized video can helps your message stand out against all of the other emails the recipient is likely to receive in a given day. Personalization of email subject lines tends to increase open and click through rates significantly. A report from MailerMailer found that emails with a subject line and message that were both personalized had the highest click-rates, at 2.8%.

Even the word “video” in a subject line can increase click through rates from 7% to 13%. Can you imagine the click through rate if include the word “video” with a personalized subject line? Throwing video into the mix means you’ve got a powerful combination of visual communication and individualized messaging that is sure to be attention-grabbing.

Trinity College School Increased Open Rates with Personalized Video

A personalized video can really get a prospect’s attention. Check this video, which demonstrates how Trinity College School, an independent school in Ontario, Canada, used Switch Merge for an awareness-raising campaign.

According to Maeve Strathy, development officer at TCS, Switch Merge helped the school bring greater awareness to their messages. The school utilized a full-on personalized campaign, which included creating individualized subject lines, a customized email message, and the recipients personalized video.

The school hoped that the campaign would set it apart, and it worked. Strathy thinks the members of the community were impressed by the videos due to the campaign receiving such a positive response.

The average open rate for education emails is about 17.8%, Strathy said. However, the open-rates for this campaign was 44.6%. The video messages were just meant to bring greater awareness to the school and its programming, but the personalized campaigned actually help increased donations too. This boost in contributions was an unanticipated but positive result of the video campaign.

How Does This Work?

The school put together a list of constituents they would be sending the video to and we created the video. They created email messages with different tagged areas, which would mention these names at different points of the message.

The results of the personalized messages really caught people’s attention, according to Strathy. With a thoroughly outlined process for creating the videos, the members of the team were able to have fun and get creative with their video.

This goes to show how organizations can use personalized video to cut through the noise and tell their stories. Click here to learn more about the Switch Merge platform.


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