Ever realize how competitive the marketing industry has become? Companies are going to need to put more thought into designing and producing videos to stay relevant. According to Demand Metric, online video marketing will be increasingly popular through 2014.

Online video marketing has always been around, noted by Demand Metrics, but didn’t take off in a major way until recently in 2013. Since last year, video has become an essential marketing channel for every company. Within another few years, Demand Metric predicts video will be the most-shared form of content. And we’re likely going to continue to rely on social media to share videos. Companies who aren’t working on their video strategy could very well be left in the dust.

According to data from Pixability cited by MediaPost, 99% of the world’s top brands are on YouTube, but not all of them are using the platform successfully. Less than half of the videos from these companies have more than 1,000 views. Companies have a huge opportunity to increase investment in video and create innovative stories about their brands.

How to incorporate video into marketing campaigns

Video is going to be crucial for businesses, whether it’s on landing pages, on social media, or in blog posts. Before investing in videos, marketers should put a lot of thought into the structure, length, and content. Story-based videos that evoke emotions are more likely to go viral. Similarly, animated videos can be a smart way to introduce consumers to a new product, while a testimonial video is a good method for gaining consumer trust. Find what works best for your video marketing needs.

Creating thorough video strategy will involve a variety of different approaches. Like with digital channels, marketers can benefit from utilizing analytics to determine the best ways to implement video. Marketers will need to move beyond models that monitor click rates and use more sophisticated platforms that can track a video’s performance on social media, it’s virality, and the time people spend watching it.

Understanding how interactive videos are can help marketers make videos even better. Exactly how and why are people watching the videos? Depending on whether they are streaming them on mobile phones or desktops, companies need to consider how they are putting their videos out there.

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