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It might be tempting to jump in head first and do what your gut tells you to do when you’re getting into the video marketing space. As Outbrain notes, making a video is so easy in the current marketplace that a lot of companies jump on board without really thinking their strategy through.

The first place to start should be a video marketing plan. Pathing the way with a good video marketing strategy ahead of time is integral to the entire process. Your videos need to reflect well on your company to set yourselves apart. Keep reading to find out how you can get your video marketing plan started.

Who is watching your video?

Start thinking about what you want your videos to accomplish. It’s important to determine what your videos are for and who the audience is.

Considering your audience is key. Are your viewers consumers or businesses? If you’re offering SaaS targeted at businesses, your approach will be very different than if you’re aiming your product at consumers.

Prepare your outline

When making a series of videos, it’s smart to write out a video content plan. You should lay out the types of videos you want to create.

You can break down your videos based on their purpose. What videos can you use to raise awareness about your brand? To show overall features about your service? To dig deeper into a product? Or you can even use a client testimonial video. The point is you want to have an array of content you can use at different levels of  the sales funnel.


Determine your KPIs

Think about the performance metrics of your videos:

  • How long are people watching your videos, or are they trailing off at some point?
  • The CTR you get when you mention video, for example, in an email message
  • How many videos a lead watches
  • The correlation between video views and the consumption of other content on your website

Make sure your video content is aligned to your specific marketing goals. Different organizations will want to measure different metrics. The key is utilizing the information to improve your campaigns over time.

Are you ready to start your own video marketing plan?

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