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You probably know what whiteboard animation is, but do you know what it is all about? Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA), was the first organization to use whiteboard animation. They are a group whose mission is to find innovative solutions to contemporary issues.

RSA uses whiteboard drawings to animate its educational talks, which are relatively long speeches. While filled with fascinating information, they can be somewhat dry and hard to comprehend when you’re just listening to them. However, with the right corresponding visuals, the point of each RSA talk becomes louder and clearer.

Visuals provide an excellent way to communicate complex ideas, making whiteboard animation the perfect tool for RSA. Because whiteboard animation was so successful, the concept really took off.

What Makes Whiteboard Animation Different?

Originality is the key difference between these and other types of animated videos. They’re also fairly new to the marketing world. People find whiteboard animation mesmerizing. Unlike regular animation, whiteboard allows people to watch the drawing unfolding before their eyes. Whether or not the effect is created digitally, whiteboard appears as though someone is creating a visual narrative just for the viewer.

whiteboard animation, marketing, animation marketing, video marketing

This format is engaging, as it brings to mind brainstorming sessions at the office or in the classroom. As VideoMarketing.net notes, whiteboard animation itself may increase the memory retention that is already enhanced by watching video. The images are being created simultaneously for the viewer while new information is also being received.

Ways to Use Whiteboard Animation

Companies can use whiteboard animation to animate the highlights of a webinar, making it easier to share on social media. Since whiteboard is animated before the viewer’s eyes, there is a strong relationship between your company and your viewers. If your company wants to position itself as a thought leader, making a whiteboard video isn’t a bad idea.

Whiteboard animation can also help guide prospects deeper into the sales funnel. Once they have been introduced to your company, a whiteboard video can provide greater insight into what your product actually does and the unique value.

Check out a few whiteboard videos we have done:

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