definitive guide to corporate explainer video

Have you ever wondered what explainer videos are all about? You’ve seen a handful of these brief animated videos online or maybe even a few that we have made. But what’s the secret the animation companies behind them have and what makes these videos so successful? Switch put together “The Definitive Guide to Corporate Explainer Video” to give you insight into the brain science behind explainer videos and how they convey information so effectively.

More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube every month. As a result, more than 6 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched each month. Video is popular.

The nature of video makes it easier for viewers to process information over other marketing methods, especially when the information is packaged in the form of a story. Using metaphors, you’re better able to create an effective and engaging method of conveying information.

“The Definitive Guide to Corporate Explainer Video” explains how the brain can process videos more effectively than reading text or listening to information. Did you know that when people watch a video, they can retain and apply 82% of the information they watched? Explainer videos are a quick and effective way to introduce your products and services.

Explainer videos can increase conversions dramatically. When prospects are more knowledgeable about a product or service, they’re more likely to make a purchase. This isn’t just true for consumers, it’s true for business buyers as well. A Google study cited by Digital Marketing Now found that 75% of executives view business-related videos weekly.

Check out the Definitive Guide to Corporate Explainer Video to learn more about the various different styles of explainer video, the production process from scripting to animation, and how to choose a company to work with..


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