When companies have complicated services that speak to a wide variety of audiences, an explainer video can help convey their message in a clear and concise manner. Did you know visuals are processed in the brain about 60,000 times faster than text? Add storytelling and metaphors and you can create an explainer video that effectively explains your abstract concepts and introduces your product more quickly than any other medium. Through the power of storytelling, we created an explainer video to help Inbenta, a search engine company, increase their conversion rate by 20% in less than 6 months.

Inbenta wanted a versatile video that was professional, spoke to different audiences, and quickly expressed the benefits of their services – but the complicated nature of Inbenta’s product made this last point a challenge. Inbenta developed a process that allows customers to search phrases rather than just keywords. Instead of overwhelming their potential customers with the technology behind their product, Inbenta decided to use video to demonstrate how the product would work in a real setting.

Inbenta’s video told the story about Mark, an e-marketing manager struggling with a website that used conventional search engine technology, preventing his customers from finding what they were looking for. For marketers, Mark is a sympathetic character viewers can immediately empathize with. To see how Inbenta solved Mark’s problem, watch their video below: 

When they placed the new video on their homepage and used an A/B split test to determine the video’s success, Inbenta found viewers who watched the video were far more likely to convert than those who didn’t watch it. Inbenta was also able to use the video on multiple channels, giving the brand a fun way to engage with new leads and prospects.

Check out Inbenta’s case study to learn more about how explainer video helped Inbenta surpass their marketing goals.

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