One of the benefits of video is being able to show and share your personality. Whether you are looking to put a face to your company or simply demonstrate your company’s creativity and innovative outlook, video is a tool for giving your company an identity and building relationships.

Why is Personality Important?

When you think of the most prevalent brands, you don’t just think of the products they create. Rather, you connect a particular type of lifestyle that goes along with that brand. Successful branding is as much about ideas, lifestyle, and personality as it is about the actual products.

An article in Forbes refers to this as a “promise.” Delivering the promise begins as soon as you make a purchase from, let’s say, Coca-Cola or McDonald’s. With prior connection to their brand and sense of belonging to their lifestyle, you know the company will deliver on your expectations.

Branding is vital because consumers tend to purchase things that reflect their own personal brand. However, you don’t need to have the brand recognition of Coca-Cola to incorporate personality into your marketing strategy. It’s just as important for small businesses to develop a personality-based brand so that customers will want to identify with it.

Here’s a video about bonding, developing a friendship, and loyalty:

Would you have ever guessed (besides from the title of the video) it was a Budweiser commercial? If fact, nothing about their brand even shows up until the last few seconds of the video.

Online video is one of the best and quickest ways to achieve a connection with loyal customers. Loyalty is not about the product, it’s about the fulfilled expectations the brand has delivered.

Use Video to Show Your Individuality

Because video is quick, effective and – most importantly – popular; it’s one of the most important solutions in the marketing toolkit. With just a minute or two, you can introduce your company and engage with your audience. A thoughtfully created video can demonstrate what makes your company unique or the niche your products and services fill.

Video is also the best place to show off creativity and grab your audience’s attention. With clever use of imagery, music, and scripting, companies can really demonstrate how they connect with like-minded consumers. For businesses that are trying to represent their brand using specific images or colors, video can easily be adapted to include these attributes. Using animation as a medium, companies can quickly create multiple videos with a uniform style.

They will come away from the experience knowing something about your products, but also with an idea of what your company’s culture is like, and this is what will really make you stand out. Here’s a video we created that shows how a company connects with its clients emotionally, offering them a service they’re not going to get anywhere else. A prime example of creating brand expectations and sharing their values through the company’s services:

Marketing Profs, a marketing online learning center, also notes video tends to build trust more with consumers than text does. An animated video can garner the trust of consumers by presenting viewers with information they can remember and apply afterwards.

If you’re looking for a solution that will allow you to gain visibility, cut through clutter, create connections with people and give your brand personality, video is the smartest way to go.

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