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Rypple, now known as work.com, is a social performance management platform. They wanted a video that would effectively demonstrate the value of their services and invite viewers to sign up for a free trial. We took on the challenge and crafted a story that not only relates to professionals but which also increased conversions on their landing page by 20%. All with the use of animated video.

Demonstrating the pain point Rypple would help solve, we created an engaging video using a character-driven short story. In the scenario, Jessica is an employee who feels cut off and unaware of how her work is benefiting the company, meanwhile, her manager Mike, is tied down in his own work and can’t give her the feedback she needs to succeed.

Enter Rypple: a performance management platform to help Mike connect with his team.

Rypple split tested their video landing page against a standard page that utilized just images and text. The results? Our animated explainer video increased Rypple’s conversions by 20%. They also found that viewers watched more of the video compared to those who watch an average 60 second video. At 176 seconds in length, half of all viewers watched the entire video, a 25% increase over the average video.

Animated videos work because they address the audience using scenarios familiar to viewers, making it clear how a product or service can solve their problems.

Decision-makers are busy, and they don’t have a lot of time to watch videos. Which is why Switch uses brain science during the explainer video production process. Stimulating both the auditory and visual senses is one of the best ways to be sure you convey your information as effectively as possible. We were really able to create a story and use characters like Mike and Jessica to resonate with viewers.

Learn more about how we increased lead generation for Rypple by reading the Rypple Case Study.

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