We know using animated video for storytelling can be one of the most compelling ways to draw attention to your products. Telling a story get’s people invested in your company culture and lets them see themselves using your products. For those starting their video marketing campaign, one of the greatest barriers can be coming up with the right story.

Whether you’re unsure of how to tell the story or what exactly you should say, here are 4 story ideas to help get you started:

1. Use Your Origin Story

Think about what made you start your company in the first place. Story Impact Group, a company that uses storytelling techniques to help organizations with their messages, suggests focusing on how you got started. Everyone already has a story here. Think about how you came up with your business idea. It was probably the result of a problem or situation in which you realized there had to be an easier way to handle these everyday headaches.

Here’s a video we crafted showcasing the pain point of struggling to find different vendors for events and the easy solution EventNow offers:

2. Use a Case Study

If your company has been around for a while, your origin story may no longer be the most interesting narrative you have at the moment. Instead, focus on how far your product has come. For example, how has your product helped your customers? You can use an example of how your product transformed a company that implemented your service or product. This kind of narrative allows prospects to easily put themselves in the position of the company portrayed in the story. Connecting your viewers to the experience of the characters in your video can help them understand your product even better.

3. Come Up with Unique Characters

If you’re thinking you can use any character because it doesn’t really matter much, you run the risk of alienating your audience. You should actually be thinking a lot about the character and how he or she would resonate with your viewers.  Here’s a creative approach: you can use a character to personify the pain point itself rather than developing a story around it.

An excellent example is this video by Motorola where the cellphone company uses a real person to personify an annoying smartphone that doesn’t work the way it should. Take a moment to watch the video, and be prepared to giggle a little:

4. Use an Original Song

The jingle is a classic form of advertising, but with the addition of video, making a jingle can be even more compelling and memorable. Composing a song about your product and adding humorous or sentimental value will make your video memorable.

Watch this jingle video we made for Shumate:


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