Marketing in the Age of Hyper-Personalization: What it is & What You Need to Know


Personalization has become a key part of today’s marketing strategy. This has been true for a while now, but we’re actually talking about a different kind of personalization. The kind of personalization that worked in the past may not be as effective today.

The Solution for Hyper-Personalization

Marketers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of personalized messaging. A recent survey of marketers from Adobe found that personalization would be one of the highest priorities for marketers moving forward. The same survey revealed 69% of marketers say the industry needs to embrace “hyper-personalization,” – defined as using data to provide more targeted and timely products, services, and content.

In an era of hyper-personalization, what can marketers do to make sure their messages get through to the right people? With every email addressing people by name, these messages all begin to look like spam.

Personalized video just may be the answer. Video is already a great way to gain a prospect’s attention. But if you make the video tailored to each prospect, your message becomes even more engaging.

WithSwitch Merge, we can craft thousands of customized videos for each of your recipients. Instead of telling you about Switch Merge, let us show you:


With a personalized video, your message will stand out and your recipients are more likely to press the play button than read a block of text.

Know Your Customers

Whether you choose to send out personalized video or utilize a different strategy, the first step in personalization is understanding your customers. They aren’t just names in a database, they are people who face real problems every day. A template email with a customer’s name at the top does little to recognize this person as a unique individual. To really make an impact, you need to know who you’re addressing – not just their name.

Say you’ve decided to make videos that are customized for different parts of the sales funnel. You can personalize your message for each company to a certain extent but you also need to have a bigger picture of who your customer is. Think of this process like applying for a job. You wouldn’t send the same generic resume and cover letter to 100 companies, right?

When you’re creating your marketing strategy, don’t just keep numbers in mind. Keep in mind how you can get to know your customers and address them as individuals. What do you think of hyper-personalization as part of your marketing strategy? We want to know –tweet us!


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