Using video on a landing page can significantly increase conversions. People love watching video; it’s short, engaging, and way more interesting than reading an entire page of text. According to Salesforce, video can help customers get through the buying journey by providing them with essential information to aid their decision-making process.

Putting this theory to the test, we split tested 3 different landing pages for a client: one had images and text, the second had a live action testimonial from Facebook, and the third was an animated whiteboard video we created. The animated video outperformed the other two landing pages, increasing conversions by 20%. You can find out more about in the Rypple case study.

Here are 3 tips for making video landing pages that convert:

  1. Try an animated video

    Before you start planning your video strategy, ensure you know exactly who your audience is. You’ve probably heard this plenty of times, but that’s because it is an essential first step. A landing page is there to increase conversions and get leads to move onto the next stage in the buying process; your video is there to help reach that goal. As Vidyard puts it, a good landing page leads prospects deeper into the sales funnel. (We’ll talk more about the landing page later.) Knowing who your audience is will help you deliver what they need to get out of watching your video.

  2. Keep your target audience in mind

    There’s nothing wrong with live action video but with the evidence Rypple’s case study shows, animation is a better choice for a landing page. Why? For one thing, animation allows brands to show their creative side in ways that live action can not.

    The content that appears early in the sales funnel is usually about portraying company culture and other broad ideas. Animation allows companies to effectively demonstrate their values and because of it’s versatility, it allows you to create visual metaphors to engage your viewers.

    There’s a reason metaphor is so prevalent in language – comparing a new product or service to a universal idea allows people to quickly gain an understanding of your service that pages of text can’t provide. With metaphors, your viewers can see and understand your elaborate concepts giving them an effective way to visualize these ideas and driving the point home.

  3. Align the video with your landing page goal

    The goal of your video should be how the video can help meet the goals of the landing page. All elements on the page need to work together to ensure you’re leading prospects deeper into the sales funnel. With that being said, when creating the video, keep in mind what kind of content will be on the landing page. You want the content to compliment your video and have a good flow.

    Do you want your viewers to watch the video first then read your content? Or read your content then watch your video?

    This is where the call to action comes in on your landing page You need to design the two in tandem, not just stick a video in there after you’ve written your content. You’ll need one call to action to play the video, and another call to action that takes them to the next stage. Think about what you want your viewer to do after they’ve watched your video.

    Here’s an example of a landing page with a video we created for clickTrue:

    Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 3.06.12 PM

Not sure about your CTA? Read more to learn about hard and soft CTA’s and when to use them.

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