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Lead nurturing is an important part of the sales funnel and video could be just the tool you need to successfully meet your goals. The nurturing stage is all about educating your leads – not selling. At this point, your leads aren’t quite ready to make the move and purchase yet but you should keep providing informational content to help them get closer to making a decision.

You can guide your leads closer to purchasing by providing educational content. This is the stage where your leads are doing research and trying to figure out if your product is right for them. When done correctly, lead nurturing can lead to a 20% increase in sales opportunities, according to data from DemandGen.

Video is the perfect solution for educational content. Leads are busy and while they may want to read a 10 page white paper, they can’t often fit it into their day. The best you can hope for is that they’ll skim it over and read the headlines. Because video can condense complicated ideas into a 60 second format, your prospects are more likely to make it through the whole video and still come away with the vital details. Not only that, animation allows you to express complicated ideas in a way that’s easy for prospects to understand and remember afterwards.


But how do I integrate video into my lead nurturing strategy?

The easiest way to do this is by incorporating video into your email marketing. Remember, your leads are interested in your company, and you want to keep them engaged and educated. Here are 3 simple ideas on how you can incorporate video into your marketing emails:

  • Your explainer video

If you don’t have one already, this should be the first step. An explainer video should outline the value of your product and why your leads should continue their research into your company. Use this video to welcome new leads to your company whether they just subscribed to your blog, newsletter, or made an enquiry into one of your products.

  • Teasers for more extended content

Providing a video with short snippets of content related to an upcoming webinar or event can be a great way to get your audience interested in your offerings and expertise. Webinars are a great way to demonstrate thought leadership and gives leads valuable information about your company’s culture and services. Once you have prospects signed up send little teaser videos to get them excited about attending.

Microsoft Office does a wonderful job adding a trailer to most of their 15 minute webinars letting viewers know what they can expect and if attending the session is right for them, all in a short 30 second video:

  • Interviews with thought leaders

Nurtured leads aren’t necessarily interested in your products yet, but they are interested in your company. Show them an interview video with your CEO or other strong influencers of your company. This will allow your leads to see why your company cares about its customers needs. Vidyard shared a video with its founder in an email, resulting in a 21% click-through rate.

Video emails are great tools to engage with leads. As they are just getting started expressing interest in your company, sending them fun and engaging content is a great way to keep them in the sales funnel. Don’t bombard them with dull content like they get from every other company. They’re more likely to remember the video you sent them than the 10 plain text emails they skimmed through.

Video can be a great way to set your messages apart from the others cluttering up a prospect’s inbox. Did you know including video in your emails increases click-through rates? Read about it here: Do emails with video have a higher open rate?


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