B2B marketing doesn’t have to be dull. This might be obvious, but sometimes it’s hard to keep this in mind. As a marketer, we tend to focus on the product we’re marketing, the value of products and services, to business leaders. While we focus on what we are marketing, we often forget how to deliver what we’re marketing.

You’ve developed the perfect product, all the specs needed to make your product unique, and you’ve got the bullet points, case studies, and graphs together. But how are you going to market your product to other businesses without sounding dull and flat? How you are going to market your product is just as important as the product you’ve developed. If you forget this vital step, all your efforts will essentially be a waste.

Think about where you are going to market your product – in pitches, investor meetings, on your website, and conferences. Instead of repeating the same information in a dull and routined approach, take this great opportunity and invest in a marketing or explainer video. Take your knowledge about your product – graphs, statistics, and case studies – and present them through a creative outlet. The versatility of video is what makes it a great marketing tool – place it on your website, use it in presentations, or exhibit it at conferences.

With 75% of executives watching work-related videos on business websites at least once a week, you want your video to stand out.

How do I Make B2B Videos Interesting?

Here are few tips to turn your video into content that engages your leads and prospects:

Add Your Audience as a Character

Target videos to your specific audience. Are they business men? Teachers? Or doctors? Turn your prospect’s pain point into an interesting scenario and show how your product can help them in their industry in particular. Highlighting the problem your product was meant to solve is a smart approach to begin with – increasing productivity, saving them money, or whatever it is your product was meant to do. Identifying the painpoint can also be a good place to find humor. Difficult issues at work are often an annoyance, but they probably turn into funny stories over time. Come up with a story based on this idea and it will more likely resonate with your viewers.

Set the tone and style

You can set the tone of a video by adding humor, emotions, and the right voiceover. A Nielsen survey polled more than 29,000 Internet-users worldwide and found humorous ads tend to resonate with respondents across the board, as reported by Forbes.

The voiceover and music you choose can completely set the tone for your video. Watch this video to see how this deep voiceover creates a sense of power and impact:

Or use a higher pitch female voice to create a soft and caring tone. Notice in this video how the voiceover together with the music and images create a concerned tone that gradually becomes motivational and empowering.

Add a Story

We love stories, and we’re never too old for them. Storytelling creates a strong connection with your viewers. Try digging into your company’s history to find interesting anecdotes. Many companies have archives of fascinating material hidden in them. Nostalgia is a great way to hook prospects – craft a video that has a vintage feel and find some images or videos from your business’s rich past to share, then tie it into the present and, of course, the future.

Try something new with your business content and see what happens. If you’re still in a knot, send us an email. We’ll be more than happy to discuss how you can incorporate video into any of your upcoming projects and guide you in the right direction.


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