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Having trouble deciding how to fund your startup? We created a video underlining some of the key differences between venture capitalist and crowdfunding. They each have their benefits and risks. When venture capitalists invest in a business, they receive a stake in the company and sometimes partial control. They can also provide indispensable counseling that helps business owners achieve success. Crowdfunding is another option available to startups which allows business owners to retain complete control by gathering funds from the public (you may have heard of Kickstarter), but comes without the mentoring of venture capitalists.

As you can see from this example, video is a great way to convey complex information in an innovative and memorable way. Announce your new company to the world using video by harnessing visual metaphor and storytelling. You can use a video to really get your message across and engage your audience quickly.

Need a few more reasons to add an explainer video to your startup plan? Here are 4 Reasons Startups Need an Explainer Video.

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