What do you do after you have created an explainer video? One of video’s best attributes is it’s versatility in use. Just because your video was made for a landing page or an email marketing campaign doesn’t mean it can’t be repurposed in other ways.

There are many interesting ways you can use a video and with its ability to quickly distil complicated information in an engaging way, there’s no reason to limit its usage. Maximize the way you use your video, here are a few ways to repurpose your explainer video:

Landing pages: Using a video an a landing page can increase conversions significantly. When Rypple incorporated an explainer video on its landing page, their company saw a 20% increase in conversions.

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Conventions/conferences: Use your explainer video at your company’s booth when you attend conferences to introduce new people to your product. When they come by, just play the video. Or have a tv or jumbo screen at your booth and have the video on replay.

Presentations: Use video the same way you would at conferences. If you’re meeting investors or business leaders and you’re introducing them to your product for the first time, use your explainer video to capture attention from the very beginning of your presentation.

Email: Mention video in the subject line and your can boost open rates by 53% compared to emails with no obvious mention of video. You can even send personalized video emails with Switch Merge to increase the likelihood of getting them seen.

Email signature: Share your explainer video with everyone you exchange emails with. Your email signature is prime real estate for an explainer video splash screen.

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Social media: The great thing about your explainer video is that it’s shareable. Videos perform well on social media, receiving greater interaction than any other type of content, including photos and status updates.

Social profiles: Include an explainer video in your LinkedIn profile and share information about your company in an creative way.

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Blogs: Incorporating video on blogs is a great way to break up text and keep readers interested. Use your explainer video to introduce your newest service or product, or use it to outline a complicated topic.

Sales pitches: Because of the compelling way it presents information, an explainer video can be a great salesperson. Try incorporating your explainer video into your pitch and let the video speak on your behalf. You’ll grab a prospects attention early on as you go in depth about your product and services. Jellyfish landed a $800k deal – in a week – through a cold call.

App Store: Many companies have an app for their audience to interact with on the go. The new iOS app store now allow app pages to have a quick 30 second video. Use this opportunity to to give users a demo of your app about how easy and fun it is to navigate.

As you can see there are many different ways to use a completed video. Get creative and think of your own unique uses for explainer videos. Tweet us if you’ve got an idea – we may just add it to future lists!


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