I know what you might be thinking: Why create a video series when planning one video is hard enough? Despite what you may think, creating a video series is not hard to accomplish. If you’re already on the road to creating one video, creating a video series is just a few extra steps towards maximizing your marketing efforts.

Here are 4 good reasons to consider a video series:

1. You Can Create a Video for Your Entire Product Line

Video provides customers with a boost of confidence when they are browsing because it can quickly demonstrate the unique benefits of your products. If you offer services that aren’t easy to picture and may be difficult for viewers to understand, a video series can help get important details across and illustrate your services. Make several branded explainer videos to accompany each of your products. A creative video series can make mundane products seem interesting, like the Blendtec blender made famous by their “Will it Blend” series where they blend everything from avocados to golf balls.

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2. You Can Create a Video Series for the Sales Funnel

If your customers are medium to large businesses, there’s going to be lots of eyes looking at your products before they decide to make a purchase. This is the perfect opportunity to create a video series that lines up to the sales funnel. Planning a video series like this in advance allows you to create a seamless transitions between each of stage of the funnel. Start out with an explainer video and content that presents your company culture, followed by increasingly refined videos that educate your prospects and demonstrate your unique value. Creating a video series aligned with the sales funnel will help create a seamless sales journey for your prospect, making it easier for them to make informed decisions.

3. You Can Use a Video Series for Customer Support, FAQ’s, or Tutorials

Most customers would prefer t0 watch product how tos and support walkthroughs online before contacting you or reading lengthy manuals. Because of this, video is an excellent way to address their needs through screencasts or animated videos. Video can even solve an issue quicker than a conversation with a customer service representative. New Mexico Junior College does an excellent job creating an 8 part FAQ video series students may have and how to navigate the student portal with a screencast.

4. You Can Create an Internal Training Video Series

A video series doesn’t have to be customer-facing. You can also use them internally for training. Whether you need to present compliance training videos or introduce employees to policies and proprietary software, a video series can be a unique way to ensure your employees understand the right message. For example, retail can use a video series to explain the sales and customer service process. Human resources can use videos to simplify and recap on required training courses – like sexual harassment training, leadership courses, or policy procedures. If you’re introducing new staff, a creative video series can demonstrate company culture and put employees at ease.

Don’t feel limited to the uses above. Many companies are using video series in creative ways, like utilizing them at trade shows or unrolling a video marketing plan in several phases. Eloqua recently released a video series about a marketer’s journey. What could have been a 20 page guide or white paper turned into a 5 part 2-3 minute video journey that is more enjoyable and easy to digest than a “marketer’s journey” report guide. When you plan ahead, the versatility of a video series lends itself well to all kinds of innovative approaches.

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