Companies are catching onto the idea that explainer videos can help them increase conversions, but sometimes marketers don’t know where to start. Delving into the world of video marketing can be daunting. This is only true if you don’t have a structured plan – which can result to a video catastrophe. Before starting the script, be sure you’ve established who your audience is and the type of video you’re going to create.

Why the Script is Important

A good script is essential to any successful explainer video. The script is where the creative process begins. While video is a visual medium, the words on the page set the tone for the animation, so the script needs to be strong. The most successful videos combine great scriptwriting with engaging visuals.

A great script can be tough to tackle when you don’t know where to start. Here are some tips to consider when when you get to the script phase:

Tip 1: Don’t Do It Alone

Different experts have conflicting advice when it comes to the script. Some recommend having an executive or insider write the entire script, while others suggests outsourcing the job. Since both have their benefits, we suggest a combination of the two. An employee of the company will have the expertise and knowledge of the product, but they may not have the freshest outlook on how to present this information. This is where hiring a professional scriptwriter comes in handy. When the two collaborate, the writer can translate your thoughts and ideas into a cohesive script.

Tip 2: What to Include in a Creative Brief

A creative brief provides the writer with an idea about the tone, key words in your industry, the value of your services or what your product does, and who your buyer persona is. Let your scriptwriter know a little more about the project itself, like the purpose of the video or where the video will be displayed (at a conference, on a landing page, etc.).  Also include video features you’d like to include, like a call to action.

The creative brief doesn’t have to be a play by play of how the video will go. A good scriptwriter will be able to use the information you’ve given them to come up with compelling writing that flows intuitively.

Tip 3: Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

From the brief, your scriptwriter will get an idea of what you’d like the video to portray and draft a script from there. Be sure to go over the script a few times together to make sure the writer is reflecting your brand’s voice and expertise for your video. Keep in mind that  scriptwriters are experts in writing, but you are the experts on your product – work together to create a great script.  At the end of the process, this is your video.

Tip 4: Survey Your Current Customers or Prospects

If the video is going on a landing page, it could be smart to ask for ideas. Poll prospects about what they’d like to see on your landing pages or if there’s anything that’s currently confusing. Feedback from current customers is valuable as well. You could ask them what they would have wanted to know more about when they were researching your company. By surveying your audience, you’ll get an idea of what’s important to include in the video and what can be left out.

Creating a video doesn’t have to be confusing. The creative process can be tricky, but with the right tools you’ll be able to tackle the process one step at a time. Collaborating with a professional on your video script will make the scriptwriting process more efficient, especially if you don’t have a specific direction you’re leaning towards. When the script is done, you’ll be one step closer to your video.


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