Creating the Right Videos for Your Sales Funnel

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The versatility of video makes it ideal for the entire sales funnel process. According to TechTarget, 65% of buyers will have already downloaded four to seven pieces of content before they’ll even consider purchasing from your company. Since buyers act more independently than ever, you need to greet them with lots of informational content to ensure your brand stays fresh in their mind.

Video allows you to provide a large amount of information in a condensed but engaging way. The secret is knowing what kind of videos to create depending on the sales stage. Here are some ideas for channeling video into your sales strategy at each level of the funnel:

Top of the Funnel: Leads

At this stage, your leads are at the beginning of their journey, delving into your brand and seeing if your company fits into their lifestyle and interests.

An explainer video at this stage provides your audience an idea about the value of your products. Your videos’ aim is to tell a story about your services and company culture.

Video for this part of the funnel may even include interviews with company executives and industry leaders to demonstrate thought leadership. Putting a face to your company helps add a human touch to your sales process and lets prospects feel more connected to you. The key is to end with a call to action that helps viewers determine what to watch and do next.

Mid-Funnel: Educate

Once your prospects are interested in your brand as a whole, they’ll be looking for more specific information about what exactly your product does and how it fits into their lives. This part of the funnel should have more educational video content than any of the other stages. Your videos should provide the essential information to help leads make an informed decision about your product.

Create a product tour or demo video to provide buyers a more intimate look at what using your product would be like. If your product integrates with other platforms your potential clients may use, create a demo video that shows how your product integrates seamlessly with existing platforms.

Case studies and testimonials are useful at this point – these videos demonstrate how well the product has worked for others. Repurposing webinar recordings is also a great way to educate prospects, allowing them to gain an insight on how specific features of your product work to improve their professional or personal routine. The CTAs at this point should be geared toward product demos and trials, encouraging potential customers to try your company on for size.

Bottom of the Funnel: Post – Sale

Once you’ve sealed the deal, your customer is already engaged with brand. Keep them interested in your brand by sending them relevant videos like trailers for a webinar or e-book about how they can really take your product to the next level for their company. Webinars are still great content for clients as they showcase specifics about your product.

They also might have questions about troubleshooting some issues. Video is an excellent way to answer their questions because they can follow a visual step by step on resolved issues and answer their questions more effectively and quickly. These videos may even be useful for new clients because it can help convince leads and prospects that your product is really the right choice for them.

Make the Prospect’s Journey Seamless

People are in charge of today’s sales process. They decide what they want, when they want it. As a marketer, it is our job to make their sales journey as seamless as possible. With video, you’ll be able to effectively communicate multiple corresponding messages in a quick and engaging format.

The flexibility of video allows you to create engaging visual content for use throughout the sales funnel. Giving them a visual insight into the product and company allows them to feel more connected to your brand and more confident in your product as they travel through your sales funnel. You can even repurpose these videos as marketing materials for leading email campaigns, sales pitches, conferences, and meetings.

Integrating video into your sales funnel is a smart way to get prospects excited and keep them informed from one stage to the next. Make sure you develop a video marketing strategy so you can make your video journey seamless as well. I hope you found this guide in creating videos for the sales journey helpful. If you feel like helping other marketers and sales teams start their video marketing journey – just click to tweet!

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