Use Knovio to Make Videos for the Bottom of the Sales Funnel


Using free digital tools, companies can make videos that speak to a range of audiences. This can be especially useful for sales reps. When you’re trying to sell your products and services, it’s often beneficial to have a video series that is directed at different parts of the sales funnel. An animated explainer video is useful for the top of the funnel, where you’re distilling major concepts into a short timeframe. But after you’ve introduced yourself, it’s necessary to present new material for audience. This is where you need to differentiate yourself and demonstrate the real value of your product or services.

The content for the bottom of the funnel can be the most difficult to create. Once you’ve already garnered interest in your company and shoppers have an idea of what you do, it’s time to start justifying what it is that makes your products unique. It may even be time to put a face to the company. This is where tools like Knovio prove handy. With this platform, companies can quickly create an educational video from a PowerPoint slideshow and an iPad or other tablet.

Educate prospects with a slideshow with Knovio

Using Knovio, you can upload a pre-made slideshow and personalize it further by adding an audio recording or even a video of yourself. This is all done using your mobile device’s camera, making it extremely easy to use. The program is immensely handy for educating customers about your products. Slideshows are a great tool for distributing the kind of information you need to communicate once prospects are considering buying your product. Address FAQs, provide pricing information or simply orient prospects to your program’s interface.

The fact that those in the education profession endorse this product should also come as no surprise. A blog from Crazy Teacher Lady demonstrates how the platform can be used to teach concepts and add personality to a traditional slideshow presentation. The result is a digital format that’s easy to share. It also allows viewers to give feedback with the click of a button. The blogger also noted that the students were able to create their own presentations without her help. The platform makes it easy to share the presentation once it’s done and it lets you know when someone has viewed the video.

Knovio is easy to use and access

The platform is intuitive and best of all, it’s free. For small businesses that are honing their marketing strategies on limited resources, Knovio could be a fantastic resource. Another benefit is that the platform creates unique video presentations that can help put a smiling face to your company, as well as provide an educational resource using a familiar format. Video is known to build trust, but this can be especially true when you utilize an executive from your company to explain the benefits of your product in a more in-depth way. A video from Knovio is like having a personalized sales pitch delivered right to your office. Try out Knovio today!

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