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If there’s a company that understands the importance of digital video, it’s TubeMogul, a programmatic platform for video advertising. The company allows advertisers to buy space for video advertisements on mobile devices, which are continuing to be an integral space for digital video. In this video, TubeMogul Recruiter Alyssa Thelen discusses how millennials are redefining how television is being watched. Young people are no longer watching traditional television and are instead using tablets and other mobile devices to consume video content online.

Digital marketing news source eMarketer cited data from YuMe and IPG Media Lab, which found that millennials consume digital media more frequently than their older peers and could be leading the way to a digital transformation in the coming years. Millennials were more likely than Generation X-ers and baby boomers to watch just about every type of digital video content, from television shows, user-generated content to movies. However, all generations are starting to utilize tablets and other mobile devices to watch content.

According to research from TubeMogul, U.S. mobile inventory has increased more than 1,000 percent in just 9 months. During this time, CPMs only decreased slightly, which demonstrates that advertisers are keeping up with the demand with relative ease.

The Continued Importance of Explainer Videos

In addition to other types of content, Thelen expects explainer videos to remain a prominent type of digital video. “I think explainer videos are huge,” Thelen told Switch. “We as consumers now look for something really simplistic to walk us through new processes.”

According to Thelen, consumers are craving more simplistic ways to take in information. Explainer videos definitely fit the bill. After watching a short explainer video about a topic, viewers are far more likely to recall the information being relayed. Consumers, especially younger ones, seem to know this implicitly. Thelen herself is more likely to check out a video on a new topic than read about it. “If I go on a website I’m way more likely to click on an explainer video than I am to read an article explaining how to do something,” she said.

Explainer videos provide a quick and easy way to send a message and at the same time communicate vital branding information and company culture, and they are only going to become more important in the coming years, as viewers continue to consume digital video on mobile devices.

Watch the video below to see what else Thelen has to say about video marketing:

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