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It’s a well-known statistic at this point that YouTube has one billion viewers each month, but aside from the immense number of viewers, what else is significant about the platform?

Bing Chen, Global Creator Development and Management Lead at YouTube told Switch Video that aside from the platforms huge reach, YouTube’s real significance has to do with the diversity of its viewers.

“As you know very well, these people come from 56 different countries. They speak all sorts of different languages – 61 to be exact,” Chen said.

These audience members also watch a wide variety of content, from fashion shows to how-to videos for cooking, he added. This is powerful for a company, because that means whether you are a big Fortune 500 brand or an emerging SMB with big dreams, the audience that you want to reach exists on YouTube.

YouTube Converts

Chen cited a study, done by YouTube, found watching one particular ad video on the site led to 43% of viewers making a purchase.

A multitude of studies demonstrate similar findings. A study from AOL Platforms found that YouTube generates more sales than any other social platform. The report used Convertro’s attribution software to track 500 million clicks and 15 million conversions during the first quarter of 2014. The study found that YouTube is strongest at both the top and bottom of the funnel – in other words, introducing customers to new products and closing the deal.

YouTube is a powerful engine for brands, whether they are putting out an explainer video to introduce themselves to a market or putting together a how-to video to provide greater insight about their products.

Upcoming Trends in Digital Video

According to Chen there’s an expectation that digital promotions on YouTube aren’t just an ad, but a valuable content experience. By using video, companies can create content that is engaging and creative while portraying a powerful branded message that can reach the target audience.

Watch the video below to hear more on what Bing Chen has to say about video marketing:

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