Video Expert Chris Vasquez on Emotion, Optimization, and the Future of the Explainer Video

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We sat down with Chris Vasquez, Senior Manager of Product Experience at Poptent, to find out what he thinks about digital and the future of explainer videos.

Video is Emotional

As Vasquez pointed out, video is an important sales tool, simply because of its ability to trigger emotions.

“We know that emotional triggers are probably the most effective thing you can focus on when you want to get people talking about your brand and your message” Vasquez said.

One reason digital video content is so useful is its storytelling capacity, and its potential to inspire emotional reactions in viewers. Brands are more likely to gain an audience with a great, emotional, story than they are with traditional methods of promoting their products.

There is scientific data to back up this claim that emotions sell. Psychology Today cited the research of Antonio Damasio, a professor of neuroscience at University of Southern California, who found that emotion plays a key role in decision-making. When we are making a decision, we weigh the options based on emotions related to similar situations that have occurred in the past.

According to Psychology Today, previous research has come to similar conclusions. Neuro-imagery from fMRI scans found that consumers use emotions rather than information to evaluate brands.

Since video is a great medium for concise and effective storytelling, it’s clear this channel will be sticking around for the long haul.

Video Content Optimization is the Future

Because video is an increasingly important channel, it’s imperative that marketers optimize their videos more effectively.

As Vasquez mentions, video is one of the few content types that isn’t typically optimized well.

“A lot of that has been because of the limitations involved with the equipment that it takes to produce video or access to it, but those barriers are coming down very quickly,” Vasquez states.

Explainer Videos Pack a Punch 

“Whenever a new Google service is launched, I love the explainers. Explainer videos done well are, I think, some of the most helpful sales tools, just from an aspirational point of view.”

Videos are emotional, but they also pack a punch. Visual imagery can help brands explain complicated topics in just a minute or less. If there’s another aspect of video that attracts viewers, it’s the ability to learn something new quickly.

For building up your brand, telling stories and engaging an audience, explainer videos are one of the best tools out there.

Watch the video below to hear more on what Chris Vasquez has to say:

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