Video can help companies meet their top marketing objectives. MarketingProfs reported a survey released by Ascend2 polled marketers about their top objectives for 2014. About 60 percent of respondents said that increasing lead generation on their websites was a top concern. Other goals were increasing engagement, brand awareness, and sales. During the past year, more than half optimized their homepages, while 44% worked on product and solution landing pages. Overall, only 8% admitted their websites were very successful.

Increasing the use of animated video can help marketers better reach these goals. Videos can increase engagement and conversions on landing pages. They can also grow brand awareness by giving viewers a quick introduction to your brand.

According to Vidyard, a video marketing platform, you can also use video to gain leads easily. For example, you can create an email gate that requests information from the visitor before he or she watches the video. On the other hand, if you want to keep your content open without an information form, building better calls-to-action can help you gain leads. With a more effective explainer video, it won’t be as hard to convince visitors to submit contact information.

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