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We know that video is a great marketing tool, but its success is contingent on the strength of the strategy supporting its application. Most clients are driving traffic to a landing page that houses their video, and while they have invested the time and money into producing a high quality video, they haven’t considered the design and call to action of the landing page where they are sending their viewers. Our clients have seen some great results with a range of different strategies, whether they are looking to increase conversions or simply relate to a specific persona. But what makes some landing pages more successful than others? Incorporating your video into the page, driving people to a clear call-to-action and making good use of visual space is just as important as the information contained in the video itself.

Some companies are doing a particularly awesome job of integrating video on their landing pages, which is why we’ve compiled this list of our favorites. Here are 5 stellar examples of video landing pages:

1. Rypple (now
Rypple is the classic example of a video landing page done right. The social human resources platform kept it simple with its landing page, with the video as the most prominent aspect. They featured a clear call to action button encouraging viewers what to do once they’ve watched the video content. Their video was so successful it boosted their conversion rate by 20%. They were purchased by Salesforce and are now

Rypple Switch Video

2. Reimagine
For Reimagine, three explainer videos are better than one. The landing page gives you the opportunity to watch separate videos detailing “how” “why” and “proof” that the system works. This allows viewers at different stages of the buying process to pick the video that best suits them. It also inspires visitors to move from one video to the next, engaging with the brand. The green call to action button placed in the bottom center is a clear next step once the viewer is satisfied with the content they just viewed.

Reimagine Switch Video

3. CakeWorks
Digital advertising agency CakeWorks uses a grid layout on their landing page, where their explainer video fits in perfectly along with other tidbits of information, like a featured client area. All the page elements use colors found in the video, giving the page a unified look. The video is one of the more prominent elements of the page which will naturally draw your attention to want to click the play button. Overall, it’s a sleek, clean, and modern look for a company that represents all those attributes.

Cakes Works Switch Video

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4. HRdownloads
HRdownloads has a clear idea of their buyer persona and they are not afraid of making use of that information. Both their video and landing page feature this persona and like Cake Works, they use similar colors across elements to tie the page together. It shows a well-integrated approach and thorough branding that leaves a memorable impression.

HRdownloads Switch Video

5. DynAdmic

DynAdmic’s landing page quickly establishes that it’s a forward-thinking digital company based in science. The page looks like a blackboard with formulas and ideas scrawled on it. Though the page seems very busy, we are drawn to the colorful video button. It manages to stick out and blend in at the same time, inviting us to click and learn more about the product itself.

DynAdmic Switch Video


If you’re going to use a video for you landing page, make sure you think about how it will fit into the rest of the website. As you can see, a strategic approach makes all the difference.

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