What Makes Switch Video Different?

Switch makes videos that help customers explain big ideas to target audiences, whether it’s highlighting a big problem, introducing a solution, or simply explaining how something works. Switch Video has helped hundreds of companies launch their products and services, from small startups to the biggest brands in the world, like LinkedIn, American Express, and Hewlett Packard. We’ve made more than 450 videos for clients that span 15 different countries. We’re always learning more about video and its impact on the brain so we can make our services even better.

Switch does more than help companies introduce new products. We help a wide variety of customers meet all kinds of different goals. Switch works with CEOs, HR Departments, and modern marketers from medium, corporate, and enterprise companies. We work with the individuals who are responsible for trends, branding, lead generation, and internal training. Whatever message you want to get across, and whoever the audience will be, Switch can help you reach them with a video.

What We Do

Using what we know about brain science, we craft short, compelling, and deceptively simple videos that allow customers to maximize their messages. Video is an ideal way to send an effective message because it stimulates both the auditory and visual senses, allowing for better retention of the information. Truly effective videos use storytelling and metaphor to make the information really stick.

Stories help us remember information and engage people on a cognitive level more than a plain old “how to” or “how it works” video. Narratives light up areas in our brain as if we were actually participating in the action ourselves. Incorporating metaphor into these stories helps viewers retain even more information in a shorter timespan. Metaphors compare new ideas to more familiar concepts. This helps viewers comprehend your message more quickly without overwhelming the brain’s working memory.

Since all of our clients are different, we craft each video specifically with their unique needs in mind. We have three different styles of video that customers can choose from to make their ideas come alive:


Traditional animation is the best way to tell a story, especially one that gets viewers emotionally invested, whether it’s through humor or empathy. Animated characters enable companies to create buyer personas that help viewers connect with the video. When you create a persona that customers can empathize with, they are more likely to be able to relate to your video.


Using digital animation, Switch makes videos that make the viewer feel like they are watching a dynamic live performance as someone draws on a white board. Whiteboard is good for explaining complex concepts in a way that is similar to traditional learning. It’s a compelling choice in many different situations.

Motion Graphic

This style is like an infographic in motion. It’s a great choice for companies that need to present data or complex ideas in a more visual and accessible way. It’s especially popular with tech companies and anyone who wants to take a more modern approach in their videos.

Metrics Matter to Us

We understand the importance of metrics, and we use them to improve videos and increase engagement and conversions. You have a video for a reason, and you want to make sure it’s performing. Using video analytics and metrics are an important part of a long term video strategy. They shouldn’t be overlooked because they allow you to improve and expand your reach. Switch makes it easy for you to monitor and review metrics so you can develop the right analytics and make informed decisions about your marketing strategy. We measure customers videos so we can determine what aspects work best. There are many different elements that go into a video campaign, and tweaking each one can result in an increase in engagement. Knowing who is watching your videos and how often can help you reach out with more targeted messages. Here are some of the things we measure:

Viewing History:

Switch tracks unique viewing history of individual viewers. This doesn’t just included clicks on the video, but how long each person watched and how many times they have rewatched the video. You can also learn how your video compares to others of similar length.


Determine exactly how customers interacted with your videos. For instance, did they watch the video straight through until the end, or did he or she come back to it later?

Click-Through Behavior:

Track click-throughs from unique users to see which calls to action, splash pages, and other page elements work and which ones don’t.


See which videos are being shared and where they’re being posted online.

Location and Demographics:

See where your viewers are located, as well as what device they’re watching your videos on.

We Care About Client Success

Switch is all about satisfying our customers. We want clients to love their video, but we also want to make sure it does what it’s meant to do, whether that means generating leads from a landing page or increasing engagement in your emails. There are several factors that really set us apart. In short, we are committed not just to producing a great video but also ensuring that your video gets results. We don’t know of anyone else making these commitments. These services matter to us, because they allow us to make videos that truly work for our clients. Our premium services provide:

attention span for videos 2013 Home
60% Engagement Guarantee
For a video to get results people need to watch it. We stand behind our work and promise that the video will be viewed to completion by at least 60% of your viewers.

split test 2013 Home
2 Versions for Split Testing
Can’t decide on the right call to action for your video? You shouldn’t be making that choice; your visitors should be. We provide 2 versions of your video so you can split test.

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Unlimited Revisions
We want you to fall madly in love with your video. We want your team to love the video and we especially want your customers to love it, too. We will stop at nothing to make sure we get the final result you want.

60 Percent Engagement Guarantee

Switch guarantees 60 percent engagement on its videos, and based on a multitude of prior experiences, we can promise that it will obtain these results. Switch has the tools and expertise to create videos that drive engagement, but we really only do half of the work. Video watching is one of the most popular activities online, with 100 million Internet users watching online videos each day, according to Quick Sprout. YouTube is the second most popular search engine online. What Switch does is craft compelling and simple short narratives with vibrant visuals that capture and maintain the viewer’s attention.

A/B Testing

We focus heavily on metrics because we want our clients’ videos to perform well. Because of this, we offer split testing, which means we provide two different versions and test them against one another to see which call-to-action performs better. We also use A/B testing to demonstrate how successful videos are in comparison to plain text, especially on landing pages. With a split test, Switch found that a video landing page for Rypple increased conversions by 20 percent over a landing page without a video.

Unlimited Revisions

We want our customers to love the content we create for them. We don’t stop working on your video until you’re 100 percent happy with the end product. After all, a great video is more than just a tool for increasing conversions; it’s a branding tool that carries an important message about your company or organization. Switch uses a combination of characterization, storytelling, and metaphor to help companies build trust with the people that matter; and we’ll work with you to craft a message that reflects your brand.

We Get Results

At Switch we really believe in the power of explainer videos. Combined with our premium services offering, we are proud to say we consistently hit it out of the park with our videos. We put together an explainer video for Jellyfish that allowed them to land an $800,000 contract within one week. Switch put together a straightforward and informative whiteboard video for Jellyfish that highlighted its prospective customers’ pain points and demonstrated how Jellyfish’s services could solve these common issues. The result? Jellyfish landed a huge account based on a cold email that included the video. Before Jellyfish even contacted the prospect to follow up, the prospect reached out for a meeting.

Switch Merge

We consistently work to make our products even better. That’s why we recently introduced Switch Merge, mail merge for video, that allows you to send out personalized video messages to prospects using the information you have in your marketing automation or customer relationship management platform. Now you have two ways to get your prospect’s attention: an expertly crafted video, and the ability to create messages for specific individuals.

Our Three Promises

We really care about our customers and want the videos we create to effectively meet their goals, and we have the tools to get it right. In preparation of your video, we make the following promises:

  • We will set reasonable timelines and meet them. We won’t promise what we can’t deliver.
  • We will keep you informed. You want to know where things stand with your video, and we will keep you up to date.
  • We will complete all aspects of the job, and you won’t have to ask twice.

Switch partners with companies to help them explain their big ideas. Can we help you, too?

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