9 extreme photos of Craig Rosenberg that will make you smile every time.

Craig Rosenberg has a great blog known for sharing great content. He is respected, trusted, and a valuable resource for many high growth companies. It was only a matter of time before someone would compile 9 photos of Craig that are sure to make you smile every time you look at them.

1. Remember the time Craig was not impressed with himself?

(Photo credit to Jason Stewart)


2. That image of Craig that is used the most but is only 150px by 150px

(Photo credit to Brian Phelps who is still waiting for the royalties for this one.)


3. In the middle of dropping crazy amounts of knowledge.


4. Mr. Whiteboard Operator at work

(Photo dedicated to William Griffith Wilson.)


5. The time he totally ignored the play button floating in-front of him and just kept on going.


6. The hockey stick graph, live.


7. Controlling the Mars Rover right before it landed on Mars.


8. The smallest image of Craig you can find.


9. That time when Craig’s hair seemed to have been stolen by the Accompani hoodie.

Screenshot 2014-12-08 16.40.50

10. Bonus: That time he did a webinar on Champion Content and looked like a total CHAMP.

(Photo submitted by Robert Radden.)


Super Bonus: No post about Craig would be complete without Craig’s Funnelholic Music video.

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